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March 7, 2006 by Clonmelchat
My morning started as usual calling the kids for school, forcing some food into their mouths and rushing to the car to beat the traffic. Finally I arrived and while walking my son into his classroom I was distract by the signt of those white earbud we all associate with the ipod. On closer inspection my eyes confirmed my first instint and yes if was securely attached to a nano ipod sitting in the rear pocket of a 5-6 yr old boy. He was listening and chatting with friends while waiting for the ...
June 16, 2004 by Clonmelchat
I had the chance to put the dell All-In-One Printer 922 to the test and found the following.

Borderless printing in sizes up to A4 which produce good quality prints in colour or black and white, but the ink tends to run on the edges causing the back of the page to be stained.

Optional photo cartridge for greater range of colour printing and with good photo quality paper produced sharp crisp images equal to any photo lab.

Perfect fit for any home or small office they say but it...
June 1, 2004 by Clonmelchat
Samsung adds new features and functionality to its LCD monitor line, including better response time and built-in, easier-to-use calibration software. Company spokeswoman Monica Islas shows James Hilliard a new display offering a wide variety of connectivity options.

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June 1, 2004 by Clonmelchat
A new device from Intel could speed the dream of the networked home, where PC-stored digital photos would be viewed on a TV, and MP3 music tracks could be beamed to a stereo.

Similar in size to a small set-top box, the "digital media adapter," announced this week, connects to a home-entertainment appliance, such as a television, using a standard audio/video cable. It contains the necessary communications technology, including Intel's XScale PXA processors, to let the appliance wirelessly acc...
June 1, 2004 by Clonmelchat
Nokia's new 3220 is a nice enough tri-band phone, with integrated VGA camera and all the standard stuff, but besides looking like the bottom of a shoe, it's most known for its optional Xpress-on funshell which adds 'airtexting' using a persistence of vision LED array . By waving the phone back and forth through the air, users can display short messages that appear to be much larger than the phone itself and look something like those LED signs that tell you how long you have to wait in queue at t...