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and the blogger radar picks it up
Published on November 26, 2005 By Clonmelchat In Blogging

Scoble blogs an invite and the blogger radar picks up the invite in Newport. Some Newport bloggers got their chance to meet the Scobleizer in Murrengers pub. This shows just how fast an rss feed can deliver a message to the right community in no time at all one such recipient was Matthew Fortunka.. Robert Scoble is due to visit Cork next week, I wonder will it attrack any rss radars on the way.

Mathew met Robert in Murrengers pub


Swim for Malaria, Meeting a Welsh View for beer

Des Walsh tells us about a world swim for Malaria. Why is that important? 3,000 children a day die from Malaria, Des writes, and that could be prevented. The swim will raise money for mosquito nets. Sounds good!

I’m giddy like a baby who has a new rattler. Why? Cause Rob Gale wants to meet for beer.">His blog is hillarious. One of the best out there. If you see a couple of geeks drinking beer at Murrenger pub in Newport at about 4 p.m. come and join us. I’ve never been in a pub built in 1403. That’s one old pub!

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