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Whats the top halloween costume for 2004?
Published on October 8, 2004 By Clonmelchat In Blogging
Answer Spider-Man of course. Spider-man
For parents of young children halloween can be an expensive time with an estimated 54% of people buying a new costume ranging in value from 10 euro to 60 euro. Spider-man is the childrens choice for this year for 4 to 12 year olds as another big screen success has risen the comic book hero to new heights. A new generation of fans now flock to the stores to gather momentoes of their hero and Marvel comics are selling to the next generation.

Halloween costumes have become more elaberate from the days of when a white bed sheet was enough to portray that of a halloween ghost or a black cape made from a bin liner. The children of today have a fashon trend to set, costumes must be in style for the teenagers and the adult scene has become more dress to trill no scare. Spider-man is also trendy for the 18 to 24 year olds this year according to Beth Perry, owner of Balloons & Costumes in Daytona Beach.

In Ireland the trend is the same with Hollywood movies inspiring the younger generation to dress from the legendary Freddie and Jason to Spider-man and Daredevil. Marvel comics have also moved from paper to disc! You can now read your favourite Marvel super hero on screen with their cd-rom comic book version.

Thats the costumes out of the way, what about the decorations? Pumpkins hollowed out with the lantern placed inside is not enough anymore. In the shops in Ireland it's all hi tech with flashing lights, motion sensors animated spooks and special effects just some of the gadgets on sale. Next we have the candy and treats now produced specialy for halloween from jelly spiders to blood filled candy all in the shop windows in place of the Christmas treats coming the following week. The planet has become one constant festival with consumers spending money weekly for holidays and festivals in a never ending circle. Are people growing up today brainwashes by the commercials in the media to obey and spend. A holiday was a time when people got together to celebrate but now it's more party all night because next weeks theme is from spooks to santa.

on Oct 09, 2004

and I thought it was the Burga