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Published on March 8, 2006 By Clonmelchat In Blogging
An updated comment system for the Digg user-contributed news site offers several new features, including ratings for comments and a three-minute window to edit the comments one makes on a story.

Kevin Rose announced the debut of several updates to commenting on Digg stories. The first and most obvious change lets users rate comments made by others.

One can either Digg a good comment or Bury a bad comment. Once a comment has been buried, it shrinks from view, and can be opened by clicking on it.

Friends of users who leave comments have their usernames highlighted in green in the comment section. That way a user can skim through comments on a story and look for ones made by friends about it.

Digg also implemented a sorting feature, which looks a little different in implementation on Digg than it does in Rose's post. In a dropdown box, users can change the sort order from its default of 'sort by date'. One can sort by most Diggs to comments, or sort by a threshold of a number of Diggs. When sorted by thresholds, only comments with that number of Diggs or higher are in view; the rest are buried and can be viewed with a click.

One feature that Slashdot users will recognize has been implemented in Digg. Users can reply to individual comments, and create a threaded conversation within the comments.

Particularly irritating users can be reported and blocked throughout Digg by clicking a Block/Report icon. If enough users click that icon for a particular user, the offender will be reported to Digg's staff.

Finally, the ability to edit comments one makes on a story is part of the Digg comment feature. Rose noted that comments can be tweaked within a three-minute window from the time they are submitted.

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