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With the changes in my life I seem to have no time at all.
Published on January 18, 2007 By Clonmelchat In Life Journals
Over the Christmas i spent every day catching up on work, family, and loose ends and still managed to get 5 hours sleep a night. College no longer has room in my life so I'm considering an early finish to my college life and going back to full time employment. Full time employment is a steady 9-5 job where the bell rings and your finished, college never ends there's always an assignment or project with a deadline due each week. I think college is not as easy as people complain about it all the college parties and nights out the late mornings and the relaxed days of study. College can be fun but with a family of three kids under 7 running under your feet time is the enemy. I no longer have any free time. I spent my day starting at 7.30 getting the kids to school then the house work etc, followed by bcollege classes. Later the study and assignments as well as trrying to earn some money to pay the bills and finally bed around 4am 3am if i'm lucky. I need to change my lifestyle soon so college is on the books as my first change. I have no time to blog no time to read no time to sleep. This will be one of very few blog postings for a while. I did get the chance to attend the Microsoft launch of Vista, office 2007 and exchange server. Lovely night and plenty of chances to try Vista. The vista experience communicates an essence of speed and simplicity wrapped in a neat search packet. Everything is at your fingertips with files only a click away. Microsoft seem to have captured the need for search functions in all applications from word to e-mail and more. finally I will be able to find those files i saved but forget to index. I should have 2 copies of vista in my letterbox at the end of the month and if intend to but 3 more for some people who are in need of this fils wizard.
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